At our recent DMG Showcase, VTS displayed their fixed-plate HRV. VTS’ HRV and ERV units are great options in DMG’s market. Optimal when simplicity and reliability are crucial, VTS units recover energy from exhaust air to pre-condition incoming fresh air, enhancing energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality.

VTS’s semi-custom ERVs contribute to energy efficiency by recovering and exchanging heat and moisture between incoming and outgoing air streams without cross-contamination, promoting decarbonization efforts without compromising comfort or air quality.

VTS semi-custom air handlers are designed with modularity, allowing for a wide range of configurations to meet unique project needs without the high costs associated with fully custom units. These air handlers can be adapted for various commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, ensuring they fit the specific requirements of different buildings and uses.

VTS’s equipment easily integrates with various components and systems within a larger HVAC ecosystem. Our DMG Service and Controls team provides custom controls on VTS, ensuring a seamless start-up and operation.

Optimize your system’s efficiency, enhance indoor air quality, and achieve significant long-term cost savings. VTS equipment is the ultimate solution: They deliver immediate benefits and support sustainability, making them a reliable choice for HVAC professionals, building engineers, and facility managers in the commercial and industrial sectors.