Value Engineering Rooftop

Value Engineering

How Often Does Value Engineering Deliver on Its Promise?

Value Engineering or VE means the HVAC systems have been simplified or streamlined to deliver results more efficiently without impacting design intent. 

This high-rise development in the South Bay delivers when it comes to the VE offered using LG Multi V S single-phase Heat Recovery.

 The original layout utilized standard multizone heat pumps serving multiple tenants. In effect, while any one tenant is using heating, the others would be locked out from cooling. While a controls scheme might balance the various tenants’ needs, such a solution seemed like a compromise – and it came with a significant price tag. By switching to the Heat Recovery or simultaneous heating and cooling product, every tenant could independently operate their unit in either heating or cooling without any additional controls. 

The outdoor unit would fit the same footprint and require the same electrical feed. The indoor units are essentially the same. All the job needed was a small distribution box called a Heat Recovery Unit. Additionally, when the unit operates in simultaneous mode, there is “free heating or cooling” delivered by the system. This VE case study provided both cost savings and energy savings.