The SETS controller is the only solar PV to domestic heat pump hot water heater system controller that unlocks massive Title-24 credits and Federal tax incentives by connecting the high-efficiency LG heat pump water heater to new or existing PV solar panels. 

Pairing LG’s architecturally designed heat pump water heater, powered by the industry’s most efficient dual inverter compressor, with the SETS controller, domestic hot water is produced with maximum energy efficiency at near quiet operation. With new energy codes requiring solar PV on new residential and commercial projects, the SETS controller is “The” technology to use to receive the maximum Title-24 credit and the maximum federal tax dollars. 

LG’s heat pump water heater with the SETS controller offers maximum benefits for all installations, from ADUs to commercial buildings, in all climate zones, catering to your domestic hot water needs. The LG heat pump water heater and SETS controller can easily be retrofitted to existing solar systems, providing benefits to existing residential and commercial owners. For new installations, the SETS controller unlocks huge Title-24 credits, allowing for increased architectural design options and giving you confidence in its adaptability. Contact DMG to see all the advantages of an All-Electric building and start saving energy today.