Envision2 NXW Domestic Hot Water

Reduce Your Operating Costs by 20%

The WaterFurnace NXW Domestic Hot Water Chiller is a system that recovers heat that is wasted through a cooling tower and uses it for hot water pre-heat, resulting in a reduction in operating costs. This Domestic Hot Water Heater can reduce the load on the cooling tower, reduce energy consumption, and save money. By utilizing a pre-heat strategy for hot water, you can reduce your operating costs by 20%. The NXW Chiller doesn’t rely on natural gas, reducing fossil fuel consumption, decreasing a building’s carbon footprint, and impact on the environment.

The NXW Domestic Hot Water Chiller is now available to order in 10, 15, 20, and 30-ton models. Domestic hot water storage tanks are available in 80 and 120-gallon sizes.