The LAARS Plate Advantage 

  • High Efficiency: High heat transfer, water-to-water, plate and frame heat exchanger designed specifically to satisfy commercial potable water heating needs.
  • Unmatched Temperature Control: Advanced PID control, with feed forward real-time load tracking, quickly responds to variable load patterns to maintain accurate hot water temperatures.
  • High Domestic Water Output: Efficiently produces up to 150 GPM of domestic hot water when coupled with a boiler.
  • Small Footprint: Compact design is ideal for use in commercial and institutional environments where space is not available for large storage tanks.
  • Building Management Systems: Controls integration is via Modbus, BACnet or domestic supply water temperature control.

Laars Plate is an advanced, high-efficiency, plate and frame, water-to-water heat exchanger. It’s designed to satisfy potable water heating needs in commercial and institutional environments without the need for large storage tanks. The packaged system utilizes real-time load tracking with responsive PID control to maintain accurate hot water temperature under various load patterns. A fully packaged water heater can efficiently produce up to 150 GPM of domestic hot water when coupled with a boiler to achieve high efficiency in commercial settings