A Union of Technology and Reliablity.

LAARS Linc offers users:

  • Home Screen Boiler Status: The home screen shows the operational status of the boiler; all set points, status of each pump, status of each stage, and boiler run status.
  • An Easy to Use Icon Menu: All parameters are accessible through the Laars Linc intuitive to use icon menu structure.
  • Quick Start: Touch the “Quick Start” icon on the home screen to access the most commonly-used parameters for systems that don’t require advanced set up.
  • Intelligent Redundancy: Laars Linc cascade logic includes a built-in redundancy;  A bank of boilers will continue to operate even if the master control goes down, keeping buildings warm and hot water flowing!
  • Up to 8 boilers can be automatically configured by connecting the controls and selecting the master boiler. 
  • USB Data Connection: The USB connection allows for seamless transfer of parameter sets from one boiler to another and for the boiler’s history data to be easily transferred.
  • Multiple Pump Control: System pump, boiler pump and domestic water pump operation, each with time delay.