LAARS offers High Turn Down Across Entire MagnaTherm Size Range

Introducing LAARS MagnaTherm HTD with 95%+ efficiency, low NOx emissions, outdoor construction, and the Energy Star rating; making it the perfect boiler for California projects. 

DMG North is carrying The MagnaTherm line of condensing boilers and volume water heaters received an impressive controls and combustion system upgrade. The new MagnaTherm HTD (High Turndown) series boasts O2 combustion trim control, full 20:1 turndown on all sizes (1600 to 4000 MBH) and Laars Linc icon driven controls.  

LAARS MagnaTherm HTD Benefits

  • 20:1 turndown across the full line up
  • Industry leading reliability from LAARS. 
  • Newly added High Turndown HTD product features continuous O2 trim
  • LAARS Linc touchscreen controller makes for easy setup and operation

More Great LAARS Products

  • OmniTherm vertical, near-condensing commercial boiler and volume water heater featuring a stainless steel heat exchanger, Category I, II, III and IV venting configurations and innovative electronic fuel to air ratio-controlled combustion system with capacities from 1250 to 3000 MBH. The OmniTherm brings industry leading application flexibility and reliability to the near-condensing commercial market segment.
  • Laars Plate, a fully packaged semi-instantaneous plate and frame heat exchanger solution for commercial domestic water heating projects to be paired with hydronic heating boilers. Laars Plate is available in five models with capacities ranging from 20-120 gpm, stainless steel construction, and advanced temperature control functionality.