Drives For Data Centers

picture of a data center

HVAC-R systems are under pressure as IT teams are deploying solutions to increase capacity for a larger remote workforce. Uptime and reliability are challenged from increased heat related to additional computing capacity. The unique back-channel cooling design in the VLT® HVAC Drive can exhaust up to 90% of system heat outside of the server room to keep your equipment cool and connected.


Energy-lean 24/7 performance

Our drives solutions enable correct distribution of hot and cool air between the server racks.

  • Chill your installations and your budget
  • Keep energy consumption at a minimum
  • Regulate temperature and moisture reliably
  • Reduce wear and tear on your installations


Dedicated to precision and protection

AC drives have many pump-dedicated control features that optimize operation and help maintain ideal thermal conditions in the data center.

  • Optimize your operation
  • Intelligent heat management
  • Longer life for the entire HVAC system
  • Eliminate server downtime due to thermal conditions

Air Recirculation Fans

Cool Tech For Optimal Performance Our drives applied to air recirculation fans in the data center  ensure optimal conditions, protect electronic components and enable optimal performance of the servers.

  • Maximize up-time
  • Maintain optimal temperature around IT installations
  • Extend the life span of your equipment
  • Keep energy costs down

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