When to go Custom?

Meet the most challenging requirements for fit, efficiency, extreme environments, performance, and reliability with custom AHUs.

DMG’s sales engineers have years of experience in delivering custom solutions for jobs of all sizes. Teaming up with our partners, we can design and build to the broadest range of flexibility to fit any space, including knockdown construction, unit splits, multiple air tunnels, and more.

Units can be designed for every environment from indoors to the most extreme outdoor environments. Applications include DOAS, VAV, and CAV with mixed heating and cooling sources; hydronic coils, split and packaged DX, indirect and direct evaporative, gas-fired, VRF kits, and more. Nearly unlimited options; Economizers, Filtration, Fan Array, Heat Recovery, Energy Recovery, Humidity Control, Sensors, Controls, UV Lights, Seismic Construction, Materials, Paint, and Specialty Coatings.

DMG has over 50 years’ experience in designing custom air handling units for every type of application. We look forward to helping you with your next successful air handler project.