DMGN crane lifts an AHU

Out with the Old, In with the New

HVAC Rooftop Unit Replacement is too often a like-for-like operation. It seems like the right thing to do when you only look at the cost. Direct replacement might take advantage of similar utilities, maybe a common curb, possibly the same controller, or some other perceived advantage. But what if the owner was never happy with the old system. Now they are signed up for another 10-20 years with the same issues.

The property owner wanted something better: they desired better filtration and ventilation than what the old system offered. And considering we’re well into the new millennium, they wanted intelligent controls.

Beyond better efficiency, the proprietors wanted equipment that was easier to maintain. No more belts to change; instead, they wanted direct drive backward incline fans. They wanted hinged doors for easy access instead of rusted and stripped screws. They demanded durability.

The decision was easy. They chose AAON for their new RTUs.

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DMGN crane lifts an AHU
AAON Retrofit