LG Everywhere

LG is broadening its focus to feature its field-proven hydronic heating, cooling, and DHW solutions.

Winner of AHR’s Innovation Award, LG’s Hydro Kit system uses a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. Use the Hydro Kit to preheat domestic water, pool heating, snow melt, in-floor, or other radiant space heating systems. Their Heat Pump Chiller provides heating and cooling capabilities in one system and is scalable from small commercial spaces to large buildings. The new Monobloc combines the outdoor and indoor units into a single unit, simplifying installation. Low-GWP refrigerants connect with LG’s intuitive smart controls, making them an excellent option for new and retrofit projects. 

Last year, LG rolled out its Heat Pump Water Heater. While other water heaters hide in basements and utility closets, the HPWH would look at home on the red carpet (if HVAC products had red carpet events). It’s more than just another pretty face; it outperforms competitors in every category – https://www.dmgn.com/lg-hpwh/

LG Air Handlers and EEV enhance the performance and reliability of HVAC systems. Improved comfort and efficiency are every engineer’s dream. Monitor the results with the LG controls Wi-Fi app, which features a UX design and intuitive interface. 

There are only so many ways to talk about fan coils without immediately losing interest. LG’s MA is the exception. Its compact design and versatile mounting options allow for easy installation in a multitude of spaces. Its reliability and even air distribution make this product DMG’s most spec’d fan coil.