LG ESS and Home 8 are reliable, innovative, and ultra-safe long-term energy solutions designed to meet the power needs of any home or business while helping you work towards energy efficiencies, sustainability, and decarbonization goals. 

Are you looking to reduce peak energy costs, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, or enhance your emergency backup power capabilities? Our robust, reliable, safety-tested, and user-friendly solution is more than a product: It’s a way to make your residence or business more self-sufficient and less dependent on the grid, addressing your specific needs.

ESS Energy Storage Systems require less maintenance than traditional generators, are quieter, have better potential of lower installation costs, emit less exhaust, and can be AC-coupled or paired with solar panels to store usable energy. Take advantage of peak shaving to offset energy demand costs and gain a competitive edge by going green. LG ESS transfers power seamlessly to up to four units to store up to 100MWh of power, which is available for automatic transfer when needed.  

The Home 8 provides energy storage solutions for homes and light commercial settings. Its modular designs allow for easy storage capacity expansion, and it is installed with intelligent energy management systems to optimize energy usage and maximize savings.

Achieve energy independence, save on peak pricing, achieve CA Title 24 compliance, enjoy peace of mind, and finally, take control of your energy needs with LG’s home and commercial battery systems. Schedule a presentation today.