New Regulations Go Into Effect May 1, 2024

New regulations that impact our fast-food HVAC industry are in effect beginning May 1.  All DOAS units must meet DOE guidelines for efficiently processing the outside air we use to ventilate commercial buildings. This updated rating for DOAS units will require additional capabilities for the equipment installed on job projects. Expect to see features like energy recovery wheels, heat recovery, and/or modulating gas reheat in DOAS units that can achieve these new required ratings.  

New Title 20 regulations also impact all commercial fans. Starting May 1, 2024, fans sold and installed in California must have an FEI of 1.0 or better.  

 Our manufacturers are ready with products that meet or exceed the new requirements. Talk to your DMG Sales Engineers about how this could impact your current and upcoming projects. 

I’ll have the ISMRE2 with a side of FEI (and a vanilla shake)!