Pure Humidifier SX Series

About Pure

Pure Humidifier provides a full range of humidification products for healthcare, office, manufacturing, and educational facilities, all made in the USA. Look no further than Pure, to optimize your indoor environment.

Proper humidity in all types of buildings has become a major focus of building owner/operators.  Maintaining consistent humidity levels of 40%-60% RH has shown to reduce viruses, bacteria, respiratory illnesses along with improving occupant comfort and productivity.

About the SX Series:

Clean Steam

Pure SX Series Humidifers offer clean steam free from chemicals or mineral carry over. From the multiple dispersion tube configurations to the ease of maintenance, Pure SX Humidifiers cover all of your humidification needs.

Ease of Maintenance

The unique side entry heat exchanger assembly provides a large clean out access section without disturbing the cover or injection tube system’s steam supply piping.


Capacity range up to 2,035 lbs/hr with single units. The humidifier controller allows multiple humidifiers to share a common control signal and operate in a lead/lag configuration to meet larger capacity requirements.

Dispersion Methods

Choose from straight injection tubes, Fast-Pac, or the Insty-Pac multiple injection tube assembly for short dissipation applications. Blower Packs for area dispersion are also available.