Ebtron - A Measurable Difference

Fresh air ventilation is key to maintaining safe, healthy buildings that optimize occupant health and productivity.  

Ebtron is an industry leader in airflow measurement stations to provide your building operators precise data on the number of air changes.  These systems are routinely installed in new projects and are easy to add to existing HVAC equipment.  

GTx116-P+ Airflow Measurement with Temperature & Alarm Warnings


  • Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
  • Differential Airflow Tracking
  • Hospital Pressurization
  • Laboratory Pressurization
  • Air Change Verification & Monitoring
  • System Performance Monitoring


  • Comply with ASHRAE Standards
  • Demonstrate Code Compliance
  • Satisfy LEED Prerequisites and Credits
  • Provide Designed IAQ Ventilation
  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve Performance


  • Best Installed Accuracy
  • Low Airflow/Velocity Capability
  • Volumetric or Mass Airflow Measurement
  • Longterm Stability
  • “Plug and Play” Operation
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Waterproof Sensor Assembly
  • Mobile Bluetooth Interface