This project featured an LG Hydro Kit replacing a discontinued Daikin Altherma unit. The LG Hydro Kit is a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger that acts like another indoor unit connected to condensers. DMG has successfully applied the hydro kits to both water source and air source heat pump and heat recovery systems over the past decade. LG updated their hydro kit lineup in 2019 to include a 3.5 Ton and 8 Ton nominal cooling models with updated controls. Both models can provide hydronic heating and cooling as well as pre-heating for domestic hot water. Hydro Kits can also be applied to provide “free heating” to pools and spas.

This job site used a single-phase heat pump with a 3.5 Ton hydro kit. The hydronic heating and cooling system serves the radiant ceiling panel with a straightforward 2-pipe changeover design. This design was an easy drop-in replacement to the previous air-to-water heat pump system.

The use of all-electric high-efficiency heat pump systems that can provide comfort heating and cooling continues to expand. Interest is growing in using this technology for heating or pre-heating domestic hot water. LG continues to expand its offering of high-efficiency water heating systems for the North American market.

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