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When taking in the scenery along the Pacific Coast in central California, it’s not only the views; you’re breathing in some of the freshest air in the world. Indoors, it’s impossible to assess Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by taking in a deep breath.

Perched on a cliff over this beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Mar restaurant wanted to improve the IAQ for their guests when it reopened for indoor seating. Delivering the best experience possible extends beyond the views, food, and drink; the Sierra Mar wanted to provide comfort and peace of mind to people enjoying their dining room. Their starting point was fresh air.

Fresh air dilutes contaminants. The CDC advises that bringing fresh outdoor air inside helps keep virus particles, including COVID, from accumulating in indoor spaces. Something as straightforward as opening a window adds fresh air, but this method has tradeoffs like controlling comfort and increased energy use.

DMG reviewed Sierra Mar’s HVAC system design, and the units were recommissioned to ensure outside air was being delivered as designed. To increase the air changes per hour (ACH), they added a stand-alone, high-efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator by Ventacity. The VS-1000 HRV nearly doubled the total of ACH.

Ventilation is necessary for all buildings. Providing fresh air to guests, patrons, tenants, and residents of facilities is essential to help people feel safe and comfortable indoors. Talk to a sales engineer today about how to add more air changes to your existing HVAC system.

The Washington Post recently highlighted some of the restaurant’s efforts beyond the HVAC systems to create a space where IAQ matches the ocean view.