Energy Independence

LG ESS is a fully integrated power backup system, from batteries to controllers, that can help alleviate all the frustrations that coincide with generator usage. This turnkey system includes necessary safety and code compliance, testing and certifications. 

With trusted technology built from years of experience in electronics, the LG ESS delivers a reliable, sustainable power alternative that will perform when you need it the most.

Give your business a comprehensive energy solution that works with existing infrastructure—including solar panels and the option to AC-Couple your existing power with solar when off-grid.

Serving the Commercial Sector

An ESS solution can provide a preferable alternative to diesel generators, offering a competitive advantage. As an energy solutions provider, LG’s ESS system delivers energy when needed, contributing to being your energy solution for emergency backup, peak shaving, and beyond.

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We’d love to show your team what the ESS is capable of helping your designs achieve and we’ll pick up the tab for lunch. Let us know you’re interested below.

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Benefits of Energy Storage Systems vs. Diesel Generators

• Lower & infrequent maintenance

 • Quieter than diesel

 • No exhaust emissions to mitigate 

• No complex diesel fueling/storage systems

 • No need to refresh the ESS system with highly perishable diesel fuel

 • Ability to recharge the system’s battery with solar panels via a MicroGrid solution

 Increase savings with ESS—cutting out costs for engine oil, coolant, diesel fuel, transfer pumps, and much more. Learn more about diesel genset vs LG ESS.