HVAC control panel

Energy Metering For VRF

Smart Controls = Efficiency

Experience tells us that it is not good enough to design and build an energy-efficient project. Operating a property in an energy-efficient manner takes an equal amount of planning and effort. The LG Power Distribution Indicator (PDI)is one option that can help a building’s performance match or exceed building energy goals.

Building owners can track system usage down to a single zone or a group of zones. The energy consumption of VRF systems is dynamic due to part-load efficiencies and energy savings due to heat recovery operation. Standard central controllers would only be able to track the various units’ run time and make a general estimate of energy usage. The LG PDI measures the energy consumed by the condensers in real-time and matches that with the fan coils operating at the same time. As a bonus, the data is captured and stored for future reporting. The building operator can then use this data in numerous ways; implement “after hours” HVAC policies in leases, user education, and beyond.

The superior energy efficiency, quiet operation, and minimal maintenance are a few reasons the North American HVAC market has been moving towards VRF for over a decade. Adding intelligent or customizable controls features to VRF will lead you to better results.