This Earth Day, Take a Look at What VRF Can Do For You

VRF was introduced to the HVAC industry as a great way to provide energy-efficient zone control to a wide range of buildings. Simultaneous heating and cooling from a single outdoor unit continues to be its strength. The equipment’s versatility has allowed us to expand where we use VRF. It is now common to use VRF for 24/7 cooling loads in modern buildings, IDF/MDF rooms, elevator machine rooms, and the like.

Rooftop VRF installed by DMGN

Combining LG Gen 5 VRF inverter technology with DOAS air handling units continues to expand the application of VRF.  This is great way to utilize these air-cooled heat pumps. The heating efficiency is competitive with “cheap” natural gas rates, while also reducing building first costs by avoiding the gas lines and meter.  LG VRF can even make hot or chilled water for a variety of applications.

VRF saves space, is incredibly quiet, and minimizes required electrical connections; especially when compared with other heat pump compressor options.

DMG has excellent product solutions to deliver ultra-high efficiency, all-electric heating and cooling solutions. Talk to one of our sales engineers about your next job that is powered by renewable energy.

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