“REYMSA cooling towers meet the needs of our customers who are looking for efficient, durable cooling solutions,” says DMG North’s President, Joe Pipitone. “REYMSA offers unique options to benefit building owners and contractors who value reliability and longevity.” 


This line of cooling towers is designed and manufactured for the Bay Area’s coastal climate in mind. With the iconic fiberglass exterior offered with their open cooling tower line, REYMSA manufactures a closed-circuit fluid cooler featuring a coil pack constructed of copper tubes and a stainless steel coil casing.


The most significant benefit of REYMSA cooling towers is that they run and keep on running. All units come with a 15-year warranty on their casing and structure. Motors are direct drive, lowering the need for maintenance. Although this line may be new to DMG North, REYMSA has designed and built sustainable cooling units for five decades.


DMG customers are on the front line of designing systems for optimal energy usage. REYMSA’s products exceed ASHRAE’s efficiency Standard 90.1, which reduces operating costs. The units allow for footprint flexibility with modular configurations, multiple color choices, and are available with one, two, or four fans, all with low-sound options. All REYMSA Cooling Towers are CTI Thermal Performance certified. 


 Pairing these products along with their Mobile Rental Tower capabilities (up to 1,000 ton capacity with modularity to increase higher), REYMSA is an excellent option for new and retrofit projects, planned maintenance, or unexpected stoppages. Talk to your DMG North sales engineer today.