Clivet Heat Pumps: Leading Innovation in HVAC Comfort


  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Retail Spaces
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Multi-family Residential 

Clivet is at the forefront of innovation. Renowned for pioneering heat pump solutions, with a dedicated commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Clivet designs and manufactures cutting-edge heat pumps for commercial applications.  The current lineup includes a 20-ton Modular Unit, Spinchiller4 (HP 2-pipe, 65-120 tons), and Spinchiller4 Polyvalent (4-pipe, 65-125 tons). Clivet will roll out larger, comprehensively tested, and certified heat pump units up to 320 tons early next year. 

Features and Benefits

Energy Efficiency: Clivet heat pumps integrate advanced technology to optimize energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Select units feature variable-speed scroll compressors that enhance energy efficiency in part-load conditions.  

Simultaneous Heating and Cooling: One of Clivet’s standout features is its simultaneous heating and cooling capability. This innovative functionality allows buildings to maintain different temperatures in various zones simultaneously, ensuring comfort across diverse spaces without compromising efficiency.

Versatility: Clivet offers diverse heat pumps adaptable to various climates and building sizes, ensuring year-round comfort and flexibility.

Reliability: Built with premium components and subjected to rigorous testing, Clivet heat pumps are renowned for their durability and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted comfort for commercial spaces.

Quiet Operation: Designed for minimal noise emission, Clivet heat pumps minimize disruptions in commercial environments.

Smart Control: Many Clivet heat pump models feature intelligent control systems, empowering users to optimize performance and manage energy consumption efficiently.

Large EVO
SpinChiller 4
ELFO Magnum (modular units)

Environmental Impact: Committed to environmental stewardship, Clivet develops eco-friendly heat pump solutions that reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability.  The entire lineup of heat pump solutions for the North American market features R32 low-GWP refrigerant.