ClimateCraft Is a Great Fit

ClimateCraft, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative custom air handling units (AHUs) that are used to provide comfortable efficient environments in Healthcare, Education, Laboratory, Commercial, and High Tech Manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada since our founding in 1998. Our custom AHUs are made in Oklahoma City, in a manufacturing facility that is designed to produce some of the industry’s highest quality, most durable and best performing products. 

Access Site Assembly

Contractors have made ACCESS site-assembled air handlers their favorite choice for installations with limited ingress or egress, or when faced with the limitations of renovations or changes that can be done on historic buildings. ACCESS site-assembled air handlers make the impossible replacements possible, in terms of fit, flexibility and performance. ClimateCraft offers contractors the logistical support, training, and documentation to help replacement air handler project go smoothly and successfully.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom flexibility to meet size, configuration and performance requirements
  • Options can include FanMatrix™ fan array systems and energy recovery technology
  • Components are clearly labeled for quick identification, as well as sorting and staging at the jobsite
  • Factory training of installers or jobsite supervision available

Matrix Fan Array

FanMatrix fan array system as a stand-alone configuration is an ideal solution for applications ranging from 2,000 to 200,000 CFM, including retrofits requiring new fans due to failure, age or poor performance; or even difficulty getting repairs or parts. The compact footprint of FanMatrix arrays is ideal for replacing AHU fans in equipment rooms with severely limited access.

Features and Benefits

  • Redundancy of multiple fans
  • Optimized airflow and energy efficiency
  • Compactness
  • Added capacity due to evolving loads
  • Better acoustics