Alpha Class

Award-winning design, certified technology

AAON Alpha Air-source heat pumps deliver higher efficiency and lower emissions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Top Line Features

World-renowned cabinet construction, featuring double-walled polyurethane foam injected panels

  • Efficiency-boosting configurations that reduce carbon footprint
  • Proven performance in a wide range of environments
  • Variable Speed Technology 
  • All-electric
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Space Capability
  • Energy Recovery
picture of santa and reindeers flying above aaon alpha class heat pumps
black video/gif revealing aeon's alpha series heat pumps

AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps can operate reliably at lower ambient temperatures than traditional heat pumps and with higher heating capacities over a wide range of operating conditions. The Company’s air-source heat pumps perform well in climates where other heat pumps cannot, saving energy-related costs year-round.