DMG North, Inc. has the ability to provide replacement and repair parts for your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) equipment. We can replace existing parts with replacements or upgrades to assure the same fit, form and function. If an original part or equipment is no longer available, we can supply a replacement product equal to, or better than, the original equipment. We offer competitive pricing, expedited programs for emergency or urgent retrofit projects to prevent extensive downtime.

Typical HVAC parts offered:

Access Doors Fan shafts
Actuators &amp Positioners Fan wheels
Air Flow Measurement Stations Inlet Cones &amp Bell
Bearings Inlet Vanes
Bearing Pedestal and Base Louvers
Belt, shaft and coupling guards Motors
Coils Rotor assemblies
Compressors Variable Frequency Drives
Dampers V-Belt Drives
Fan housings