December 13, 2016 | Tulsa, OK – Since the groundbreaking of the new AAON Engineering Research & Development Laboratory in February, construction has been feverously working round-the-clock on bringing this vision of AAON to life. Expected completion is 2018.

This new lab is no easy feat or a typical testing lab; it will be a three-story 75,000 square foot laboratory marvel that will be able to measure both acoustic and energy performance under actual conditions. The new facility will consist of SEVEN psychometric chambers allowing AAON to not only meet and maintain AHRI (AirConditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute) and DOE (Department of Energy) certification but also solidify the company’s industry position as a technological leader in the manufacturing of HVAC equipment.

This new facility will allow AAON to have the only laboratory in the world that will be able to measure the supply, return, and ambient sound under actual load conditions. Furthermore, the performance laboratory will measure the efficiency by which energy is converted into heating, cooling, or air movement.

The new facility will also have a witness testing area, allowing your existing and potential customers the opportunity to view products being tested.

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